Artificial Plants

Plants can enhance the ambience of any place and can refresh and energize the setting. However, indoor plants require extra care and maintenance to keep up their fresh appearance as insufficient sunshine and natural air can have a negative impact on your live plants. So if you don’t have that much time to care for live plants but want to bring the greenery and beauty of nature to your home or office, Artificial Plants are the best option.

Artificial plants

Artificial Plants manufacturing technology has developed a great deal in the last few years so that they can closely resemble their natural counterparts. TGOP is popular for bringing you exceptional artificial plants specimens that offer less maintenance, long life, and great natural look. You do not have to worry about watering, removal of dead leaves, using fertilizers, exposure to sunlight and other chemicals.

At The Garden of Paradise (TGOP), we take pride in being the pioneers of Artificial Plants supply in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our trained team has worked with interior designers and landscapers to create the most realistic Artificial Plants possible at lowest cost for indoor and outdoor use. We source the best raw materials from around the world to make our products, ensuring quality and affordability.

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