Artificial turf cost

Wanting to improve the appearance of your home with a lavish turf round the year without the need for expensive maintenance, but uncertain of artificial turf cost?

At The Garden of Paradise (TGOP), we supply, install and maintain fake grass surfaces at the lowest artificial turf cost. Our qualified and trained team has worked with landscapers and exterior decorators to bring to you the best in artificial turf market at affordable artificial turf cost. We source the best raw materials from around the globe to make our turf, guaranteeing quality and affordability.

Fake grass cost a little more at first but once it has been laid, it's virtually free for the following 15 to 25 years. Natural grass on the other hand, costs less but add the expense to water, cut, weed and regular maintenance and you end up spending significantly more.

TGOP is the leading name in supply and installation of fake grass across Melbourne. Our accomplished landscapers can come to your property to install artificial turf and make your dream come true or can offer you DIY installation directions and guide you through the procedure saving money on artificial turf cost. In the event that you have any inquiries with respect to our products or our artificial turf cost, don't hesitate to call us at 03 8390 5506 or submit an online enquiry now.

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