Fake Turf

If you have children or pets at home, you understand the importance of having a safe play area. Also, you want them to enjoy themselves without having to worry about dirty clothes and irremovable marks. This is the reason Fake Turf is becoming more popular than natural grass.

Natural grass requires regular trimming, weeding and watering but it does not change the fact that natural will eventually dry out in warmer season. Even if it is looked after well and treated with fertilizers or cut regularly, natural grass will only last a few years in Australian conditions. It is thus, not surprising that an increasing number of people are choosing Fake Turf.

Fake turf

Unlike natural grass, Fake Turf does not need maintenance at all. It is made with tough UV resistant anti-fading material and thus is very durable. Fake Turf has high durability, low-maintenance and is visually appealing. Most importantly, it does not fade due to lack or overexposure to sunlight. Not only is it free of weeds but it is also feels the same and looks equally appealing.

TGOP is a family business based in Melbourne and its operations are spread across entire Melbourne metro area. The quality of materials used and service provided by us is unparalleled. We have installed many Fake Turfs in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs and take great care to ensure perfect installation without any gaps or visible and loose edges. 

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