Transform your outdoor space with a lush, low-maintenance artificial turf lawn. Follow these steps to ensure a successful installation:


Step 1 – Excavate the Surface:

Prepare the area by removing any existing grass and roots. Excavate the surface to a depth of 80-100mm below the desired level. A shovel, rake, and wheelbarrow are all you need for this step.


Step 2 – Create a Solid Base:

Build a solid and level base for your turf by applying a 50-70mm layer of crushed rock. Smooth it out and wet it before compacting using a vibrating plate or hand tap. This provides support and aids drainage. Base materials can be obtained from your local garden supply store.


Step 3 – Apply and Compact Crusher Dust:

Add a 20-40mm layer of crusher dust on top of the crushed rock. Ensure it is level and evenly spread. Wet and compact the crusher dust for a smooth finish. We’ll supply you with the appropriate crusher dust. All you need is a wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, and hand tap/compactor.

Step 4 – Lay Your Synthetic Grass:

Place your purchased synthetic grass on the prepared surface. Ensure the blades are all facing the same direction. If using multiple pieces, align the joins closely and secure them with joining tape. Place nails or U pins 300mm apart on both sides to secure the join.

Step 5 – Secure Joins with Tape:

To create seamless joins, fold back both layers of synthetic grass, place joining tape (sticky side up), and carefully lay the grass back down. Apply pressure to secure the join. Use nails or U pins for additional stability.

Step 6 – Correct the Direction:

Trim any excess grass hanging over the edges using a utility knife. Keep the blades sharp and replace them regularly for clean cuts.

Step 7 – Secure the Edges:

Secure the edges of the grass using 150mm nails or U pins spaced 200mm apart. Hammer them in, ensuring the grass blades are not trapped underneath.

Step 8 – Apply Silica Sand:

Spread specially graded dry sand evenly across the synthetic grass. Brush it in to weigh down the grass and keep the blades upright. A stiff broom or power broom can be used for this step.

Step 9 – Time to Admire:

Congratulations! Sit back, crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine. Your installation is complete! Invite friends over to admire your handiwork and bask in your well-deserved praise.





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