Hoppers Crossing

Amazing Artificial Grass in Hoppers Crossing

Make your garden season proof. It can be disheartening to see all your gardening work undone by the seasons and see areas of your garden flourish while your grass withers or grows out of control. The stylish solution to this problem is available locally, with synthetic grass being the best way to ensure your garden is looking its best all year-round, while protected from the forces of nature.

Many point to natural grass as the way to go, with its softness and naturally green and fresh look. However, Hoppers Crossing residents are now raving about synthetic grass, helping them easily maintain their gardens and get the look that’s so envied. The Garden of Paradise is here to help you choose the turf solution that is right for you, and discuss the different options available.

A great long term investment

Whether you have a boutique garden or your backyard is the feature point of your property, artificial grass is the perfect choice. Weather resistant for the harsh Australian climate, The Garden of Paradise know that synthetic grass can transform a normal garden into something extraordinary. This can turn a dated backyard into a stylish, modern feature and give it the WOW factor it’s been missing.

Whether you are starting a new landscaping project or you just want a refresh of your property, stylish synthetic grass has never been more popular or more accessible. Safe for pets and children alike, it is a perfect area for kids to play in or for families to spend a lazy weekend enjoying. We have options that require no maintenance or pruning and have great offers available on our website to purchase.

The garden of the future

We, at The Garden of Paradise, want you to stand out from the crowd and help you choose the artificial grass that is right for your property, aesthetic and budget. Contact us now on 1800 800 606 to find out more about our amazing products today.


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