Illuminated furniture

Finding the right furniture for an outdoor setting can be a challenge. Regardless of whether you are looking for illuminated furniture for your home, office, store or commercial place, we can help. If you don't have the foggiest idea where to begin, do not stress, since we've done all the difficult work for you. TGOP has a wide range of illuminated furniture combining LED lighting with extraordinary furniture items that are flashy and simply dazzling.

Illuminated furniture

Besides their trendy look, our illuminated furniture pieces are durable as well as elegant to look at. They utilize waterproof, lightweight and shock resistant LLDPF (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) material and you can select from number of lighting options to suit your preference and room ambience. Each piece is actually handpicked by our team of expert designers, decorators and landscape artists.

What you can expect from TGOP’s range of illuminated furniture is stunning sitting and centre pieces that you won't find anyplace else. Like for instance, our remote controlled LED Coffee Table, which could be a centrepiece at your office, store or home lounge that is sure to attract the attention of all visitors. On the opposite end of the range, we also have an assortment of effectively versatile LED bar stools to add style to your home bar.

Whatever type of illuminated furniture you may be looking for, get in touch and we can find it for you.

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