Plumpton’s Preferred Range of Lush Synthetic Grass

We love stepping into a fresh, green garden brimming with beautiful plants, glistening décor and soft, healthy grass. But, with a fast-paced lifestyle, it can be hard to maintain this lavish garden every week. The Garden of Paradise was created to cater for the busy professionals, offering a range of artificial features including grass, plants and wall structures for a truly unique, modern garden.

We’ve helped Plumpton homes truly reimagine their backyards from the ground up, and love helping homes across Melbourne. With our latest range of synthetic grass, you can maintain a beautiful garden without having to hire a gardener, or spend your weekends pruning and mowing.

Beautiful gardens without the upkeep

The Garden of Paradise chose to specialise in artificial grass as we believe it can create similarly beautiful backyards without all the maintenance. Grassed floors can turn a dull garden into a vibrant, fresh space, perfect for hosting the occasional barbeque or for relaxing after work. We’ve got a variety of grass to suit your budget, style and preference. 

We don’t just specialise in synthetic grass, we also have a range of easy-upkeep décor and pieces for you to spruce up your outdoor area. Whether it’s a small space that needs some colour, or a brand-new landscaping job that you want to get just right, we have a variety of artificial plants, water features and vertical garden décor for you to choose from.

For backyards in need of colour 

If you are looking to give your garden a new, permanent makeover, choose The Garden of Paradise as your supplier.  We are always excited to help with creating a new luxury garden, so give us a call on 1800 800 606 if you have any questions about our products.


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