Stylish Synthetic Grass for Rockbank Gardens

Your garden is that finishing touch to the perfect home. Whether it’s a modest front yard in your townhouse or a spacious backyard in your new house, that empty space is the perfect area to add lush greenery, modern décor and your own personal style. The starting point? Your perfect, long-lasting grass base.

The Garden of Paradise is Rockbank’s preferred location for high quality, soft artificial grass for the perfect home garden. We have a wide range synthetic turf that looks and feels soft, lush and natural. Design the perfect outdoor area with the best quality grass, creating vibrant, welcoming gardens throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

The perfect backyard that lasts longer

Many people choose to use natural grass, believing it will create the best look and the softest touch. However, with the latest in modern synthetic grass, you can create the same soft grass without all the upkeep. Our turf can be installed on your own, and is available in a range of varieties so you can get the best feel for your property. The best part is, no more mowing, watering and pruning your garden, this grass stays looking great for good! Not only is a lavish, green garden great for hosting or simply relaxing after a busy day, it can also significantly increase the value of a property, so why wouldn’t you choose The Garden of Paradise for your new landscaping project?

Create your own garden of paradise

Take a look at our current range of superb artificial turf today. We offer great prices on quality grass, as well as the perfect range of garden décor that require minimal upkeep and pruning. From artificial plants to beautiful water features, you’ll be able to curate your perfect garden at The Garden of Paradise. Give us a call on 1800 800 606 to find out more about our products. 


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