Turf Grass

Artificial Turf Grass is a prevalent option in the Australian market, and comes in a wide range of shades from lush green to autumn and spring tones so you can create the look and feel of your Turf Grass  as per your preference. As opposed to popular thinking Turf Grass  isn't made out of normal plastic. In the early years Turf Grass  looked as though it was made of plastic but the look has improved considerably because of advancements in manufacturing technology. Modern Turf Grass  is made from PE (Polyethylene) UV Protected material with PP Woven Cloth+Net+Green Latex backing and is considerably more affordable.

Turf grass

Artificial Turf Grass  makes incredibly durable lawn turf as a result of its stitching. It is impervious to scratching, fading, and is easy to clean. It’s sturdiness makes it ideal for use where there is heavy foot traffic like family homes with children and pets going around. It is best for kitchen gardens and backyards as well.

TGOP is your local Turf Grass specialist and the number one choice for the best in quality artificial turf grass. For more information on our options available in Melbourne or elsewhere across Australia, get in touch with one of our specialists by calling us or submitting an online enquiry now.

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