Water Features

The sound of running water has a great calming effect on our body. That is the reason it is recommended to have indoor or outdoor Water Features that help you relax and add style to your home decoration.

Water features

The Garden of Paradise (TGOP) is a leading name in artificial lawns, plants, garden fountains, solar fountain pumps and other Water Features. From classic bird baths to ornate running garden Water Features, we have a wide range of products to suit all types of traditional and modern home designs. Browse our complete range today to find the perfect Water Features for your Melbourne home today. We also have a range of solar fountain pumps and other solar Water Features for sale in our Melbourne store, which we can ship all around Australia.

Trained and experienced staff at TGOP can guide you on what type of Water Feature will suit your space depending on water requirements, installation process, durability and maintenance. Talk to us today to find out more, or look through our online store to purchase your dream water feature. Adding that extra touch to your indoor or outdoor space doesn’t need to be expensive. We offer the best in Water Features at competitive price to suit all budgets.

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