Egg Chair

An Egg Chair offers comfort and luxury like no other. If you want a warm, relaxing and cushy sitting space in your bedroom, lounge, living room or any other area in the house, egg chair perfect for you. Besides keeping your feet away from the cold floor, egg chairs are unexpectedly comfortable as dangling our feet resonates with our inner child. With TGOP’s innovative Egg Chair design, you are completely secure as you snuggle into the oversize cushion. Egg Chairs are also ideal for apartments and units as they take up less space.

Egg chair

When it comes to Egg Chair, the reasons for choosing them are many but sources where you can find quality egg chairs are limited. The Garden Of Paradise is your one stop shop for all your furniture need. We are an independently owned retail house that has been selling top quality Egg Chair in and around Melbourne for many years. Our experts source quality furniture items from different parts of Australia and the world allowing us to supply top quality items including Egg Chairs at really affordable prices.

Call or visit us today and we will help you select the best Egg Chair for your home.

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