Unlock the Versatility of Artificial Grass: Surfaces Beyond Soil

When it comes to artificial grass, its applications go far beyond just replacing natural lawns. While it’s commonly associated with soil, artificial grass can actually be laid on a variety of other surfaces.

Let’s explore some of these surfaces in detail:

  1. Soil:

Artificial grass is often installed as a substitute for natural lawns. However, it’s crucial to ensure the ground is level and a firm sub-base is in place. Uneven soil can cause the turf to shift over time, resulting in an uneven surface.



If you have a concrete patio, balcony, or poolside area, you can easily lay artificial grass on these surfaces.Make sure the concrete is smooth, dry, and clean to achieve the best results. Note that bumps or imperfections may become visible after installation.



Artificial grass can be laid over brick surfaces, such as driveways or patios. However, since brick surfaces can have gaps between them, some preparation is required. Installing a thin pad over the surface helps even the ground and protects the turf from excess wear and tear.



Whether you want to cover wooden decking, a picnic bench, or a landscape platform, laying artificial grass is possible. To prevent the wood from rotting, warping, or cracking, it’s essential to cover and seal it to make it water-resistant. This also prevents the growth of mold or mildew between the wood and the turf.



Though less common, artificial grass can be laid on plastic surfaces as well. For instance, you can add a touch of greenery to plastic/resin outdoor furniture or an indoor coffee table. Simply use small samples of artificial grass and secure them with adhesive, ensuring they won’t come off.

Remember, proper preparation is key when laying artificial grass on any surface. It’s always recommended to consult professionals who can provide expert advice tailored to your specific project.

If you’re considering artificial grass for your home or business, reach out to 03-83905506. With our range of award-winning products, we’re equipped to handle any project you have in mind. Let’s bring your vision to life!

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